This term SAS have been focusing on writing persuasive pieces about whether or not swimming lessons should be compulsory. Tomorrow, Wednesday 29th March we will be having our very first Big Write session. The Big Write focuses on explicitly introducing students to the four main areas of writing: vocabulary, punctuation, openers and connectives. To help students prepare for the Big Write we would like you to find some time to talk with your child about the Big Write topic. This talk is important because it allows students to process ideas and start putting sentences together; if they can’t say it, they can’t write it. The Big Write is a fun way for students to show what they know about persuasive writing in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere.

Below is a video to help you with how to chat with your child about the Big Write topic. While you’re talking, your child may like to write down their ideas (not the whole report!) and bring these in with them tomorrow to help with their planning.

Also encourage your child to research some evidence to support their main arguments. Students may record these on their devices or write them down and bring them along tomorrow to use during planning time.

This video is from a Big Write last year where the students wrote an information report about animals but it is to give you an idea of how to conduct a Big Talk.

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